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Planning for investments and the future is unquestionably important. Real estate, wills and probate all present unique variables that are compounded in complexity by the wishes of individuals and families. It’s important to look to the guidance of a skilled lawyer who can present all possible options and help you arrive at solutions that consider your interests in the long run.

Experience And Insight In Business And Real Estate Law, Landord-Tenant and Conservation law

Reginald Bedell combines 20 years of legal experience and 20 years of prior business and real estate experience to handle any real estate, landlord-tenant and general civil issues that may arise. Because he’s had experience with property management of large-scale report properties, conservation easements, land trusts and land use regulation and has worked as a licensed real estate broker in New York and California, he understands firsthand the complexities of real estate transactions.

Purchasing a home or leasing a property is an incredibly important financial decision. The proper drafting of a lease as well as a sale’s contract can avoid many future problems if it is necessary to cancel a contract or vacate a rental unit.

Proactive Steps To Protect Your Family’s Future

The probate process is the administration of an estate after death. If someone dies without a will, the court will appoint an administrator and distribute property as dictated by New York rules of intestacy. If someone dies with a will, the court will administer the estate according to the will and/or trust, and the appointed executor will administer the estate.

A properly planned estate allows you to ensure the proper care of minors in the event of a tragedy and allows for tax reduction if someone is subject to estate taxes at the time of death. Often, the simple act of estate plan review can save a family greatly. Reginald Bedell can take his experience to work in any of these areas.

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