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There is no need to sacrifice quality to get skilled attorney representation at economical prices.

On Your Side During Life-Changing Times

Legal issues are potentially life-changing. Facing such issues can be stressful, not only because of their life-changing nature, but because of the complexities of the legal system and the costs involved. By partnering with an experienced, cost-conscious attorney, you can ensure that your rights and your future are protected at prices that make sense to you.

The Law Office of Reginald Bedell in Willsboro provides the experienced, trusted legal advocacy you need at economical prices. For more than 20 years, attorney Reginald Bedell has been standing beside people in Essex County, Clinton County, and the surrounding parts of New York in criminal defense, family law, real estate and estate matters.

Results-Driven Legal Representation

The Respect Of The Legal Community

 Having spent more than two decades standing up for the rights of people in New York courts, Mr. Bedell has earned an excellent reputation with the judges and all other parties in the legal community. He knows how to navigate the local court system and is able to work efficiently and diligently with all involved parties as he aggressively advocates for your best interests.

Skilled Legal Service At An Economical Price

 Mr. Bedell believes that people deserve the best levels of service at an economical price. Unlike at other larger law firms, you will work directly with Mr. Bedell on each aspect of your case so that you’re informed and empowered on decision-making issues when working toward a best possible outcome.

If you have a legal issue in Essex County and Clinton County, it’s important to partner with an experienced legal advocate. Criminal defense, family law and issues that involve real estate, wills and probate can be stressful and transitional points in life. Mr. Bedell will take the time to look at your case, help you understand all your option and work toward an outcome ideal for you and your loved ones in the long run. The process begins with a free consultation.

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