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Traffic violations and DWI charges are all too often dismissed as routine tickets. In actuality, they can come with serious consequences that can threaten quality of life, livelihood and future career opportunities. These charges call for an experienced lawyer who can bring a comprehensive knowledge to analyze all variables involved and work toward a best possible outcome in the form of a reduced charge or, ideally, an outright acquittal.

Two Decades Of Experience As A Criminal Lawyer And Public Defender

Reginald Bedell is ready to bring more than two decades of experience, including experience as an Essex County part-time public defender, to any aspect of your DWI or traffic ticket case.

  • DWIs — It’s important to note that the consequence of a DWI or DWAI conviction is quite severe. It can include incarceration, probation, mandatory court-imposed fines and surcharges, driver’s license suspension/revocation, need for alcohol-related treatment, attendance at a victim impact panel, increased insurance rates and a mandatory driver assessment fee of $250 to New York for three years. Mr. Bedell can analyze every aspect of your case to understand whether officers undertook the proper procedure to stop and obtain evidence in your DWI case. He’ll do everything necessary to aggressively protect your rights and work toward a reduced sentence through negotiation or a dismissal.
  • Traffic/speeding tickets — Mr. Bedell can work to minimize the number of points and fees for your traffic ticket matters and help save thousands of dollars in points, fees and automobile insurance. It’s important to note that starting in 2004, New York instituted a driver responsibility assessment program that increased the traffic and speeding ticket penalties for New York drivers. The increased penalties make it all the more important that you hire a traffic attorney. In New York state, regardless of residency, if you get six points on your driver’s license, there’s an automatic surcharge of $300 and each additional point is $25. Reginald Bedell knows the courts in the area and can go in person to speak with the DA. This approach has yielded successful results for hundreds of clients and he’s ready to put it to work for you.

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